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Seil Synergies is a small private limited company established in 2003. Based on the Isle of Seil on the west coast of Scotland, we provide regulatory and DGSA services to the chemical and allied industries and transport companies. Services are tailored to the client’s needs providing practical advice and solutions.

Over the last twenty or thirty years the regulatory burden on the products of the chemical industry has increased exponentially. This complex and fast changing world of chemical legislation has by necessity lead to the creation of a new profession: that of the regulatory specialist. Although now focusing mainly on the provision of DGSA services, nearly thirty years of experience in chemical regulations and a good working knowledge of the supply (CLP) classification and labelling, and safety data sheet regulations enables Seil Synergies to provide an extended service where required.

We provide regulatory services to a varied client base in the UK and Europe. DGSA services are focused in Scotland and the north of England.

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