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Seil Synergies was formed to provide regulatory services for companies that, whilst needing to comply with the legislation, do not find it appropriate to employ a full time regulatory professional. Our clients range from large manufacturing companies with international sales to SMEs, one and two-man operations, research, academic and regulatory organizations. Client activities include: chemical manufacture and importation; R&D; UK and global export sales; retail sales; road haulage; supply of dangerous goods in tankers, academic research, and; supplies to the construction industry.

Working with such a varied client base brings a good understanding of the needs and concerns of the different operations, building on the knowledge gained prior to the formation of Seil Synergies.

Sara Wilson is a graduate chemist with additional qualifications in chemical pathology. With nearly thirty years experience in chemical regulations, she is the former head of Product Safety and Registration for the UK division of a multinational chemical company, responsible for regulatory compliance and advice for a varied product portfolio with worldwide sales. She is a contributor to Croner’s dangerous goods publications and a presenter for the Chemical Hazards Communication Society's transport training modules.

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